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What are Human Rights?

Human Rights Education is all about equipping people with the knowledge, skills and values to recognize, claim and defend their rights. Various Human Rights organizations and representatives have defined human rights education in their own ways. Here are some of the most prominent definitions:

Education, training and information aimed at building a universal culture of human rights. A comprehensive education in human rights not only provides knowledge about human rights and the mechanisms that protect them, but also imparts the skills needed to promote, defend and apply human rights in daily life. Human rights education fosters the attitudes and behaviours needed to uphold human rights for all members of society.” (United Nations World Programme)

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Honour killings still at large

The shocking incident of killing in the name of honor The son killed all the women in the house in the name of honor. The horrifying incident of murder took...

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Free Human Rights Education for all

Do you know your rights? The fact is, most people can’t name more than a handful of the 30 human rights we all share. Yet these same rights guarantee our safety, our security and our very lives. We offers an introduction to human rights and outlines their development through history up to the present day. It teaches you about the world’s most important human rights documents and every article of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Start right now, because when you know your rights, they can never be taken away. Contact us for more information.

Every individual and every organ of society … shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms.”

Preamble to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948. “Teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms” is the foundation of human rights education (HRE). However, before looking at what human rights education is and how it is practised, it is necessary to clarify what “these rights and freedoms” are that HRE is concerned with. We begin, therefore, with a short introduction to human rights.